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Standing side by side
The two worlds collide
What I see, hear, and feel
Is it fake or is it real
If its fake
Dear God let me wake
If its real
Please let me appeal
I feel my heart beating
But my brain is fleeting
My body feels out of place
Nothing is in the right space
My face looks distorted
My eyes all contorted
But who am I to know
The way it's supposed to go
So many people standing around
It's such a deafening sound
Along with the people in my head
I go whichever way I am led
Dizzy spells ensue
Clear moments are few
I can't talk correctly
Without being told directly
I am not who you think
I am not who I think
I am not who anyone think
I am the product of the writers ink
Been having issues with my schizophrenia lately.
zamadness Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I...I think this was such a meaningfull poem!
BusinessOfCreating Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
I'm sorry you've been having issues lately, but your poem was able to convey what I feel, is that sensation of helplessness and wanting to find a way out of your troubles. I really liked it.
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